Welcome to Woodberry

I am owner and operator of Woodberry Woodwork, based in Canmore, Alberta.

Ever since I was a child, I have had two very keen interests: working with wood and playing music.

I found a way to satisfy both by studying the construction of pipe organs at Art organ building school in the historic city Krnov, Czech republic. I grew up in a culture that values craftsmanship, authenticity and beauty.

I learned fine woodworking as well as general carpentry by working at several wood workshops. As I worked with wood, learning various techniques and trying different materials; my imagination was filled with ideas and plans. I spent my free time creating wooden furniture, cabinetry, and art pieces of my own design.

I relocated to Canada in 2017 and worked for four years as a finishing carpenter in Banff. 

In 2021, I launched my own company –  Woodberry Woodwork.

Discover My Work

Here are some of my latest projects.


Timber Frame & Fireplace Mantel

Transformation of a log home into a timber frame home. Brushed surface with ebony oil stain.

Front Desk

New front desk for Wolf Willow Apothecary.

Stairs Cladding

Treads – solid white oak, treated with Osmo antislip polyx oil. Risers and skirtboards – MDF board, treated with white water and abrasion resistant paint.

Rural Classicist Gate

Replica of rural classicist gate dated 1840 made of larch wood and constructed by using the connecting technique of mortice and tenon, with oak pegs and boards atached with forged nails. The surface is brushed and impregnated with mix of pine tar and linseed oil.

Stairs & Pier Renovation

Replacement of solid larch treads and pier boards.

Oak Wooden Money-Box

Opening by a numeric code. Brushed surface impregnated with pure mineral oil.

Wooden Chandelier

Walnut Dining Table

Artisan Jewelry

My passion is for fine woodworking projects. Even when I am renovating a home or business, I still approach my work with creativity, acute attention to detail and great care. Quality craftsmanship and strong work ethic define me as a person. As I build objects, homes and environments, the care and detail are evident.


Do you want …

Tell me your idea and we make up something together.



441 Eagle Heights
Canmore T1W 3C9


403 679 0130